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Spatula Ad with Photoshop

For this specific project, we needed to create an ad in two different formats. Our product and demographics like target audience, media consumption etc, was determined by a generator. We were free to choose the brand of the product. My Product: A Spatula Brand: Di Oro living My target audience are married females from ages… Continue reading Spatula Ad with Photoshop

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Idaho Falls Temple MAGAZINE SPREAD

For my Magazine Spread I decided to use an article about the open house at the Temple in Idaho Falls. This design is basically directed to any LDS member or people that is interested to know more about our Church. Complementary Colors: For this design I used Complementary Colors: Red Orange and Blue Green. I… Continue reading Idaho Falls Temple MAGAZINE SPREAD

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Basic Photography Composition Rules

The Process of taking pictures comes along with different composition rules that will help our vision to set in a different and better way. I've read so many times that there is no rules for photography, but these simple techniques will improve the quality of any picture. RULE OF THIRDS: Photography found on Petr Vinklarek's… Continue reading Basic Photography Composition Rules

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Basic Principles of Effective Advertisements

There is so many options to choose when you look for an interesting advertisement, but I liked this one because  of the combination of photography and illustration. This men's underwear campaign was made for the company 'Crusoe', and I've found it on a bord called "" from Pinterest. (link down below) - ALIGNMENT :  … Continue reading Basic Principles of Effective Advertisements