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Ariana Grande’s reverse Engineer AD

For this analysis I chose this ad that I found in Instagram. The purpose of this one is to promote Ariana Grande's new album and perfume at the same time. I found this ad in my insta stories section, it's a really popular one because you don't really expect them, so while you are swiping… Continue reading Ariana Grande’s reverse Engineer AD

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Reverse Engineer Post Warriors IG

I have followed the Warriors(Golden State NBA team) instagram account for a while already, and I really like the way the layout of their feed. I think they have pretty good content if you are a fan of the team, and they are also pretty active one their posts. Most of the time their edits… Continue reading Reverse Engineer Post Warriors IG

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New Ad for Nike Campaign

For this project I decided to use a Nike campaign called “Come out of nowhere”. I wanted to follow the same design scheme to keep the idea of the campaign, but at the same time I made some changes that still reflect the positivity intended for this project. I also tried to keep a consistency… Continue reading New Ad for Nike Campaign

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Spatula Ad with Photoshop

For this specific project, we needed to create an ad in two different formats. Our product and demographics like target audience, media consumption etc, was determined by a generator. We were free to choose the brand of the product. My Product: A Spatula Brand: Di Oro living My target audience are married females from ages… Continue reading Spatula Ad with Photoshop