Interview with BYU-I teacher, Sister Scholes

We had a really interesting interview the last Tuesday 11th around 3 pm, with a BYUI teacher in her office situated in the Spori Building, where Sister Delaina scholesdScholes shared a part of her life with us.

As I enter the room Sister Delaina Scholes receives me with a smile and as I sit right in front of her I ask her the first question. She was born in April 8th, as we know is not adequate to ask the year so let’s just continue by saying her birth place is Rigby, Idaho. Her favorite color is purple and she explains to me it’s because she loves flowers specially lilies.


She continues by sharing some information about her family and she starts by saying that she married her “high school sweetheart”, better known as brother Keith Scholes in November 27th of 1984. Sister Scholes has three children; Kaleb, Jasmine and the last one Andrew, who according to the picture hanging right above Sister Scholes desks, gets marry the 28th of this month. She also get really excited when she mentions her almost 8 grandchildren. I ask her what is the most important thing for her right now, and she points at all the pictures on her desk, “My family”, she says.

Then she tells that her daughter lives in Canada, 8 hours away from where they live, so they go to visit her often. Sister Scholes laughs at the idea of her traveling 8 hours while her husband is driving, she indicates that they usually drive there because there are no flights that go directly to where she lives. I ask her if she is afraid of heights and she states, “No, is just that I get bored, I don’t mind going to places but I just hate to wait because I get bored”.

Then she tells me the story about that one time when her husband and her, decided to take their children to Southern California, they went to Disney, and all the fun places. Then they decided to cross the border to Mexico and they ended up in Tijuana, they wanted to see all those “beautiful places” so they took a taxi and she relates this as one of the scariest things ever. She states, “The taxi driver drove in circles nonstop while he was whistling and looking us through the front mirror, he never stopped and he ended up dropping us right in front of the place where we took it”, she continues by saying that the taxi driver wanted a 100 dollars payment. Her husband refused to pay him that amount and she quoted the taxi driver in a funny accent, “You American, you got lots of money more than 100 dollars”. After both of us were laughing she firmly says she’s never going back to Mexico if that happens again.

I continue by asking if she has any pets, and she tells me that her favorite animals when she was younger were puppies and kitties, but now she definitely has no pets in the house. Then she mentions a little about her favorite hobby which is digging on her garden, then she pulls out her phone and shows me the many pictures she took of her beautiful flowers. She is so proud about them and starts laughing at the amount of pictures of daisies she has, one of her favorites too, “I asked my husband, if you want to you can buy me a mousepad of daisies” she says while laughing. Sister Scholes keeps showing me her pictures and there is many of her husband, they go on a walk every night, and she takes random pictures that she uploads to Facebook and then tag her friends so they can have those pictures on their pages. As she shows me her pictures , she stops in one picture that she took of elder Foster from the 1st quorum of the 70’s, and his wife, she mentions that they are her neighbors and  that she took that picture when they were in Idaho for vacations.

Sister Scholes then shares about her professional experience, she has an Associate’s degree in interpersonal Communications, a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Advocacy and a Master’s degree in Professional studies and Education, and she studied at Ricks College. She points to a picture of the Comm. faculty that is hanging on one of her walls and shows me where Brother Layne Dearden is, she states that she took interpersonal from him a long time ago and that is how she knew that she was going for a Communications major. She said “He is the reason of why I am a Comm. major, he loves people and he persuasively taught the class”, and she added, “Everybody in this department loves him, he retired 15 years ago but comes visit often”.

20031108_10155488623627829_1528713915_n(Brother Layne Dearden, and the faculty of Communications years before)

Sister Scholes works now at BYU-I in the Communication department as an office manager, and she mentions the Spori building as her favorite one. She states “All of my classes were here when it burned down”, and continues by saying “is one of those buildings that when you got here you feel like is your home”. Then she relates when she was driving from Rigby to the campus when she saw the smoke and wondered what was going on, she changes her face expression when she explains how strong the smell was when she was getting closer.

The Jacob Spori Building is one of many beautiful buildings on the BYU-Idaho campus and is named after BYU-Idaho’s first principal, who served for four years at the Bannock academybuilding_ca1910-640x465Stake Academy. Originally built in 1903, the Spori Building burned down during demolition in November 2000. The fire started by sparks created from friction caused by the steel cable. At the time of the fire, the front wall of the building had fallen, but the wood roof was still in place. Fire quickly spread to the upper two floors and roof, and later moved to the first floor. No injuries were reported and there was p1205894564-3 no damage to other campus buildings.  Materials of the original Spori Building were removed and were incorporated into the new structure. The new building was constructed with some of the original stone.The building that we see today was rebuilt and dedicated in the summer of 2003 by our prophet Thomas S. Monson, and is home to the Department of Communication, Department of Art, College of Performing & Visual Arts, I~Comm Student Media, and the Spori Gallery.

images(Spori Building new construction, after dedication)

Sister Scholes ends up by saying what she likes about working in BYUI; “the people, the students the campus, I have always worked here.” I asked her to share a special advice for the future Comm. Students so she says, “study hard, immerse yourself in the major, and also seek what you can do because sky is the limit. Do the work and get involved”. After that we finish the interview and she gives a big hug and wishes me luck, definitely a great teacher.






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