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New Ad for Nike Campaign

For this project I decided to use a Nike campaign called “Come out of nowhere”. I wanted to follow the same design scheme to keep the idea of the campaign, but at the same time I made some changes that still reflect the positivity intended for this project. I also tried to keep a consistency with the ad by using the same colors with my slide design, the black and white are an important park with the orange too.

My target audience in this case are females and males from 10 to 20 years old who are really passionate about a sport. I have tried to play a little with the slide design by using the same color of the campaign, but the main idea is the motivation behind the ad to make people feel like they can reach their dreams if they work hard and they shouldn’t care about the negative opinions.

Design Analysis: 


The original ad shows a really simple but effective design, the idea is clear and goes straight to the point. The main idea is to motivate the audience to reach their goals but at the same time they try to sell the brand “Nike” by giving a little hint on the bottom. For their pictures they are using Anthony Davis, current player of the NBA New Orleans “Pelicans”. The ad is refflecting his starters as a basketball player when he was 13 years old and now he has multimillionaire contract with this team.


The design of the ad is really simple, even the pictures are in black and white which creates an intersting contrast, even with the color of the text and the background. The only part with color is the logo of Nike in the bottom. The proximity of the text with the pictures brings together the idea of the message, the name of the campaign and the logo are far from these, so they represent another idea.



The typography is also a really basic one, but at the same time the use of the bold font the way that everything is written in capital letters, caughts the attention of the audience and shows the power of the message behind the ad. The name of the campaign has a similar font, but the text is smaller and has a rounded edges, also the letter “O” is cutted in half to create a different impact in that part of the text.


For the new ad I kept the alignment of the design to maintain the visual harmony. I also kept the idea of NBA players in the pictures. The text looks really similar, including the proximity and the contrasts of the original ad. I chose the pictures of Russel Westbrook, current player in NBA team Oklahoma City, he was aprox. 10 years old in the first picture  and the second one is a recent picture when he won as MVP in 2015. Which definitely refflects the idea of the campaign, including the text, I used a different motivational phrase to compliment the pictures. I changed the color scheme of the pictures and added some noise to the texture with photoshop to immitate the ones from the original ad.


For the typography I used really similar fonts that add the same visual impact and power to this ad. IMPACT font for the principal text and PEACE SANS for the  name of the campaign. The color is the same and the size is also similar, I tried to keep the proximity between the pictures and the text to keep the idea of the message. The font of the name of the campaign is also similar and I edited the “O” with photoshop to keep the consistency and then I placed the logo under the text.


The color of the new ad are the same, I wanted to keep the contrast and simplicity, so I used them for my slide design too. LATEEST JPEG12LATEEST JPEG13

To conclude I would like to say that this was a really interesting project, the idea of creating a similar ad to keep the same idea and message in a campaign was not that easy because you want to continue with the purpose of the campaign but at the same time innovate it. I feel like Nike by positioning their logo in such a small form and place in their design for this ad is trying to sell a message to the audience in a “unnoticed” way.







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