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Spatula Ad with Photoshop

For this specific project, we needed to create an ad in two different formats. Our product and demographics like target audience, media consumption etc, was determined by a generator. We were free to choose the brand of the product.


My Product: A Spatula

Brand: Di Oro living

My target audience are married females from ages 18 to 24 with a bachelor degree and an income between $15,000 to $39,000. The media consumption where I had to create my designs were Magazines and a Blog static ad.

Here is some information about the images that I used to create the design and the sources.







Target Audience Analysis:

First, I am going to describe my design for the magazine format, and basically my intended message was for the customers to feel like the piece they were needing in their kitchen was the new design of the Di Oro spatulas. I tried to create a contrast between the other spatulas and the new design of the Di Oro, so I wanted this one to have color because my audience is young so I know that most of the youth are always looking for something cute, different and useful at the same time for their first “home”.

My audience are married young women, so I knew I needed something that would caught their attention, and something that they will actually “need” in their kitchen. The design itself is direct and simple.


Design Analysis:

For my design I used the alignment for the words and the drawer , also for the logo and the information of the webpage, I used the principle of Proximity by separating each one of the information, for example the “New Chef Series…” is separated from the logo because they even if they are part of the same message they are not included in the same idea.


I also used a contrast between the material of the drawers, the rest of the kitchen utensils and of course the main product which is the spatula, I did this by changing the color of the spatula to make it different than the other things in the design.  I also used the color to define a difference in the fonts, for example the word “Spatula” is in a different color because is my product and the most important thing of the ad. My call to action is in another color too, because I wanted to mark a difference between the logo and the website link.


For my typography I used the same idea for everything but changing the size and the color of the fonts, for example I used a bigger size for my font on the top and I bold it because I wanted that to caught the attention of the consumers. I wanted the font to be easy to read and understand.

For my blog static format design I used the same concept but in a “shorter” way.  The idea of the missing piece in the kitchen drawer is easy to understand so I just felt like the “New Chef Series…” part of the ad was necessary, because it basically explains the intention of the ad, and also you can get the rest of the information when you click on it. Also the logo it’s really important.

little one.jpg

As a conclusion, I feel like using Photoshop was a really interesting way to develop the skills that I’ve been learning through the course, because I was actually able to use almost all the principles of design, which I couldn’t do with Illustrator and Indesign. I have learned that there is no need to make a “huge design” to send an specific message. Creativity is the key even though it was a little bit difficult at the beginning when I just had the option of selling an spatula, but I think the message is clear and hopefully my skills will improve with time.




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