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90s Cartoons Icon Set

For my Icon Set I decided to use  90s cartoons as inspiration, because I wanted to focus in something that I actually like and I am interested in, plus is always nice to have a little throwback.

My intended target audience is anyone who was born in the 90s, I wanted this to be a reminder of our childhood.


I chose four of my favorite cartoons for these icon set:

Rugrats (Angelica, Tommy and Chucky):     RUGRATS FINAL 60


Hey Arnold! (Helga, Arnold, Gerald) :HEYARNOLD FINAL 60

The Powerpuff Girls: PPG FINAL 60

I tried to mark the consistency by changing the shape of the heads and focusing on the things that actually distinguish each character. I feel like it’s really important to preserve specific characteristics to be able to recognize each one of them, but at the same time I tried to keep my consistency with the lines on their face expressions, they all have the same thickness and the same stroke style, also with they all have the same eyes style.

I did some sketches before doing the real design just to get more ideas about what I really wanted as my final result:

My color palette has a lot of variety, because these cartoons have all different kinds of collor and tones, which is something that actually helps to identify each of them:


For Rugrats I used the principal characters of the cartoon, and of course I used the symbollic ball, which is an element that helped me to create kind of a harmony and unity between the three heads of the characters.


For Hey Arnold, I used also the three main characters, I wanted to give Arnold the same football head, but at the same I wanted to keep the rectangle shape, so I used the hair. They all have the same eyes style as well, and the same thickness and style for the strokes. The football ball was also an element used to unify the icon.


CatDog has also the same eye style, and I tried to define their face expressions even when the stroke has the same style and the same thickness. I also tried to simplify the shape of their boddies, but I also changed the head shape for a rectangular one.CATDOG FINAL 400

The PowerPuff Girls were definitely my favorite icon to design , I get rid of their body shapes and instead I used the symbolic light when they fly. The shape of their heads is also rectangular to keep the consistency of the icons, the eye style and the face expressions are the same, except for ButterCup, I wanted to give her signature mad face.


This whole project was really interesting, because this is the first time that I use Illustrator and I really liked it, the fact that I can actually recreate and create things like this.


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