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Idaho Falls Temple MAGAZINE SPREAD

For my Magazine Spread I decided to use an article about the open house at the Temple in Idaho Falls. This design is basically directed to any LDS member or people that is interested to know more about our Church.

final cover

final cover2

Complementary Colors:

For thcomplementary colorsis design I used Complementary Colors: Red Orange and Blue Green. I used these colors because of their meaning .

  • Blue: Peace, Harmony, Trust
  • Orange: Warmth, Energy, Happy, Sunset

These two were perfect for the idea of the Temple, because it’s a peaceful place where you can feel happy and in harmony, also, we are in spring and this reflects the idea of the orange and the shades and tints of the blue green. And in my opinion the combination of the colors are perfect for a design directed to young and old people.

Principles of Design:

One of the goals of my design was also to use Unity and Balance as my Principles of Design. Unity by adding the black lines around the Temple on the cover, and on the spread too so both of them relate and to make a continuity between these. I used my pictures and objects on the spread to create a balance between the two pages, so I basically distribute the text and tried to add the “same weight” of the objects for a visual harmony.

Use of Typography:

The pictures are important, but the message is even more important , and that is why my Typography is really basic and easy to understand and read. For my cover I used two types of fonts; a Decorative one for the tittle to give emphasis to the most important thing which is the Temple and the place (Idaho Falls), and a font in Script for the purpose of the article. This combination created a contrast on the cover. For my spread I used a type of contrast between the headings and the text, and the color of the information is white because I wanted to create an obvious difference between the background and the color of the objects, and the text for the article.lead1

Photography :

For the photography of the Temple used on my cover, we can see a clear use of Leading Lines. Because of the perspective of the picture, imaginary leading lines were created to focus on one of the most important parts of the Temple, which is Moroni who is right on the top. So the leading lines guide us to see that specific part, and also giving dynamism and volume to the image.



For the spread I tried to use tulip on the image on the middle,  as a focus point for my Rule of Thirds, and the base of the temple as a horizontal point and adding balance to the picture. Even when the tulip is the focus point on the image, we can still see the temple as an important object on the background.


A Depth of Field is perceived on the images of my spread. The main element which should be the Temple is not in the front of the image, so the tulip and the tree being positioned on the front and used as a more visible and focus point will give the final idea for a depth of field for both pictures.



As a conclusion, the colors combined with the fonts and the pictures make  a really good combination and were propperly used for the time of the year when the Open House is happening, which is Spring, and also is really easy to understand the information and to be able to appreciate the beautiful pictures of the Temple.

Photography attribution:


PHOTO BY  : RICKS SETTERFIELD  (original photo link down below)




Photos taken by me : Priscilla C. Gutierrez



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