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Design and Typography


The design and typography of this poster was made by Risa Rodil and I chose this one specifically , because it really got my attention. I have always loved this combination, the fun fonts with the ‘classic’ ones. Risa Rodil is a illustrator and letterer and I really  her work , and her type of art revolves around brightly colored typography and retro illustrations. I’ve found this poster on (link down below.)




One of the first typeface used on this design is definitely Script, because the two words that are in the circle look like they were handlettered. The characteristics are pretty obvious, and the curves at the end of the “g’s” is particular of the Script. They look more classical and if like someone wrote them by hand.




This design also has the Decorative typeface, and this is one of my favorites. The designer of this image always uses this kind of typography, but it gives a really fun touch to the overall design. Even when this kind of typeface is really informal, she matched it really good with the script typeface.



The illustration and typography of this design worked really good. The contrasting between each kind of typeface was notorious because of the differences between them including the colors. I guess that is why it calls your attention, the contrasts are so visually obvious and emphasized that make the image even more striking in a positive way. But one thing I noticed was that the colors of the fonts have a relationship too, and that is why there is not a conflict on the design, even when the typefaces are so different.


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